Blackops 2 Playercards

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Hey so it’s rather cumbersome to post playercards from BlackOps 2 on here so please follow me @Domelopper on Twitter to see the best playercards.

MW3 (Week in Review)

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OK, so MW3 has been out for a week as of today, and while it hasn’t been as improved as a lot of people would like, it still rocks.  Its great to have some new weapons, some “old” favorites back, and a bunch of new maps to play.  And since the game itself hasn’t changed much, its safe to say (in my opinion) that at this point its the gamers that are carrying the COD experience for me.  I love getting on and challenging myself to learn, to do better, to improve  bit by bit.

I have not even touched the Campaign mode yet, which I know may be heresy to some of you–but I have to say since MW2 it has been nothing but straight Multiplayer for me.  I jumped into MW2 and BlackOps the same way.  There’s just nothing challenging about completing the campaign mode to me any more.  Also, I have to actually try the “Special Ops” mode yet, but I have heard really positive things about it from gamers I know who have.  I think it’s a great addition–obviously TreyArch saw huge success with Nazi Zombies, so the addition of Special Ops mode for Modern Warfare was logical.

One thing Iwill mention is that we are also one week into the launch of the highly touted COD Elite.  While the service itself got off to a really rocky start, they have begun to stabilize parts of the functionality.  For instance, I’m able to log in now, and pull up some stats here and there.  I cannot get the Groups working yet, or some of the other Connect features.  I was able to submit a couple entries into the Compete section where they had great screen shot competitions going on.

All that being said in COD Elite’s favor, I do have to openly and publicly criticize the fact that this product was not more “ready for prime time.”  I was part of the beta testing, and even then I thought the application (website) itself was pretty rough around the edges.  Even in beta it was choppy and not as refined as I would have expected for the scale they were taking on.  And I understand the whole “we never expected this much volume” excuse, but I don’t accept it.  Activision (and Microsoft) know the volume of users they should have expected.  And don’t tell me stress testing certain components of your system to that volume wasn’t possible.

I have an undergraduate in Computer Information Systems and a Masters in Information Systems Management.  So I’m not some IT un-educated gamer kiddie spouting off about things he doesn’t have knowlege of or experience on.  You HAVE to do a better job producing a more refined, tested and bullet-proof product.  And if you can’t, or don’t have the expertise on staff, by all means email or tweet at me and I would be more than happy to help provide business/system analysis, project management, application development, QA/Stress testing or any other development lifecycle function you may need assistance with.  For free.  (because I love games and I want to see things done better and done right.)

So COD Elite, As Floyd Money Mayweather says, StepYaGameUp!

Now…time to go work on finishing hitting 1st Prestige.  As always, thanks for reading, and please email or tweet at me.  I love your comments, questions and banter!


Today is the day

T-Minus 11 hours and some change.

Are you all ready?


COD BlackOps Playercards 10-5-2011

Just a couple ones where I really liked the creativity.

Sp00ky c00kie


And a student after my own heart,


McDonald’s Monopoly is Back

So that time of year has come… McDonald’s monopoly has returned!
Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya husband cause as usual McDonald’s will be rapin’ everybody.

No seriously in all honesty, I think the McDonald’s Monopoly game has got to be one of the greatest game-ripoff schemes ever. I bet they don’t even produce a Boardwalk piece. All they have to say is “well, someone must have thrown it away!”

And what really got me so fired up this year that I had to post about it was the fact that they don’t even have the decency to give you an electronic version of the game online!

Oh no, this year do you know what you get? A flash version of “throw the card in the hat” game!
(Insert Price Is Right fail horn)
Yes, you input your code from game pieces, and it loads up the following screen


Once you make a selection from the three choices of throwing styles, a horrible flash version of the Monopoly guy trying to throw the Chance cars into a top hat. It’s HORRIBLE

SHAME ON YOU, McDonald’s for destroying what was once a cool fast food game from my childhood. You had to go and milk it to death–ultimately reducing it to the crack-whore level of a game it is this year.

If your food weren’t convenient, cheap and loaded with sodium so I can’t resist occasionally eating it, then I would say I would boycott. But you have let EVERYBODY down.

And Parker Brothers you don’t get a pass either for letting them do your game like this.

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Playercards 10-3-2011



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Fantasy Football Starting Lineup Week 4

Here is my week 4 starting lineup